Category: Facebook

Category: Facebook

Losing customers

It sucks when a customer leaves. Take KOKO Classics, a client that left us in June this year. KOKO sell industrial and classic inspired furniture.

Subliminal Advertising

Have you seen the movie Inception? Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious. And as the movie goes

Right tool, right job.

I’m no mechanic. But I know the difference between a spanner and a screwdriver. Each tool is for a certain purpose. I get that. Marketing

Are you scared?

It’s a scary time of year right now. Halloween. End of year deadlines. Evil clowns. Presidential elections. The list goes on. But I must say

Why social media is like sugar

When I first started Likeable, I was all about social media. I could see the opportunity for NZ businesses, and I knew that most simply

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