Why social media is like sugar

When I first started Likeable, I was all about social media.

I could see the opportunity for NZ businesses, and I knew that most simply didn’t have the time (or skills) to social media in-house – enter Likeable.

But 4 years later, I’ve learnt that social media is like sugar.

Social media is like sugar, because it’s a quick, attention-grabbing fix that feels great – but for most businesses, doing social media in isolation isn’t part of a balanced digital-marketing diet.

Your digital marketing diet.

A balanced digital marketing diet has 3 components:

  1. Your website and blog
  2. Your email marketing effort
  3. Your social media channels

Yes, I realise I’m oversimplifying the digital marketing landscape – but hey, someone’s got to.

Social media introduces people to your business, demonstrates your brand personality and builds relationships over time – but the best businesses realise that social’s not enough on it’s own.

You need a customer-focused website to be found in google, and to have somewhere to keep your content (otherwise Facebook owns your content and your fans, who wants that?).

And you need email to remind people that you exist, because everyone’s too busy to return to your website (or search for your Facebook page) when they need your help.

Everything in moderation.

I’m not saying you should shut down your Facebook page, but if you haven’t looked at your website in two years, or if you’ve never sent an email newsletter to your customers – then it might be time to have a good look at your digital-marketing diet.

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