Video & animation

Video & animation



Visuals make the brand and we make kick-ass visuals

“Oh that looks good,” said…. everyone! There’s a reason why big brands spend large on visual merchandising. Eye catching displays, beautiful colour palettes, and careful lighting all combine to make an impact. Visually appealing products are a must have, very rarely a need! 
In an online world, Facebook posts, Instagram reels, TikTok videos and Pinterest boards are your brand’s window displays. And striking photography, meaningful video, and clever animation will stop your target audience in their tracks.

Likeable video and animation will pause the scroll, secure the likes, encourage the comments, and engage the shares.

Capture the audience


Connection – it’s what us likeable humans love more than anything (even coffee!) And video marketing content is a powerful and personable way to connect with your target audience. When we’re scrolling, searching, or stuck in a Tik Tok hole, what we see, how we see it, and the connection it creates determines how effective a brand’s online marketing is.

At Likeable Lab, our video virtuosos can showcase your product,service, or story in full HD, with crisp digital imaging, impeccable storyboarding and planning, and unforgettable visuals, all of which will maximise your impact online and attract qualified leads.

Capture the movement


Getting something in your eye is annoying, seeing something out of the corner of it is intriguing! Movement captures our attention, it makes us stop, turn, think and act. We want to know what we’ve just seen, what it means, and where it’s going to take us. Add animation and it does all that for your target audience.

An increasingly effective online marketing tool, animation appeals to our visual senses. And clever, ever so likeable, animation, not only tells a story, but takes your visitors on a journey. Whether sharing a message or launching a product, capture your audiences’ attention with awe-inspiring animation.

Capture the vibe


Are you reading this fabulously written content or looking at the pics on our website? It’s the photos right? That’s all good – we do the same and, guess what, so do your customers. Which brings us to our next point – what do your visuals say about your brand? Low res images, poor quality pics look sh*t if you don’t mind us saying. But that’s where we can help. Because when it comes to designing your website and creating digital content, we make sure you’ve got clean, crisp, clear and compelling imagery that portrays your brand in the best light possible.

Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t