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Oh the power of good content. It literally has us trembling at the knees. Great content can make your toes tap, your heart flutter, and give those butterflies in your stomach a dance party. But, more importantly, great content can make your teeth chatter – and that’s exactly what our content marketing superstars can achieve for your brand. Because, after all, you want your customers, clients, business partners, and pals talking about you, right?

Yeah, we thought so. Which is why our digital content marketing specialists get in on the act when it comes to creating sh*t hot, tongue-wagging, lip smacking, online content that will have your brand’s name buzzing for ALL the right reasons!

Digital Content Writing

Write cool sh*t

Should it be clear or clever? Creative or concise? Cute or corporate? Cautious or conversational? See why it helps to have a digital content writer to hand? Because, you know what? It could be all of them!

What’s more, digital content comes in all shapes and forms. Blogs, articles, social media posts, eBooks, eBlasts, eNewsletters, eMail campaigns. There’s a story to be told about your brand in every single one of these and a great online content writer will be sure to make it front page worthy.

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Digital Content Marketing

Read cool sh*t

Writing killer content is an artform, much like digital design, which is why these two artforms go hand in hand. Because it’s all well and good to have online content that’s worthy of a read, but you’ve got to have readers who see it! This is where our next chapter begins.

Our likeable digital content marketing specialists will look after your online content like the prize-worthy prose that it is, and, just as importantly, they’ll make sure it’s seen. They’ll wrangle the algorithms to ensure your digital content is published, printed, profiled, posted, and repurposed when, where, and with whoever it should be.

After all, cool sh*t is always worth a read, right?

Content Marketing Strategy

Publish cool sh*t

With our digital marketing specialists at the helm of your content marketing strategy, you’ll enjoy diversity across your marketing streams and never be short of great content to read.
Here at Likeable Lab, we understand audience engagement and the type of online content that works to achieve that connection. From B2B content marketing to branded content, social media content creation to a business-wide content marketing strategy, our cool, creative, coffee-drinking, content creators can give your words value.

Need something written? Drop our digital content writing team a line today.

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Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t