Hashtags vs hash browns

If you don’t know the difference between hashtags and hash browns you’re not alone. After all, they’re both kind of criss-crossy, right? Hashtags have been around for more than a decade but knowing what to do with them can be confusing for the uninitiated. How many should you use? Can you use them on Facebook? […]

Is your business suffering from social media fatigue?

You know what the problem is with social media? The problem is it’s always on – so when your business decides to do Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whatever social media network is the latest thing – you commit to spending a whole lot of time. And time is money. (just to point out the obvious) Anyway, the […]

Why your social media images should be landscape(d)

You know what the problem is with social media? It’s that every different social media network requires different sized images. It’s incredibly annoying – or at least it was… until today. Because today I’ve discovered a free tool that takes the hassle out of getting the right sized image for each social media platform – […]

Revealed: What nobody tells you about social media

Hold on to your hats folks… Because social media isn’t the knight-in-shining armour we all think it is. Why? Because social media marketing has a fundamental flaw for us as business owners – and that is that we don’t own the audience. Let me explain. When your business has a customer’s email address, or their details in your […]

20 things to tweet about

Use Twitter? Here are 20 ideas for tweets: Add an image (440×220) Take a shots from behind-the-scenes Post a view from the office (especially if it’s out of the ordinary!) Respond to mentions Comment on current events Use an inspiring quote Ask a question Find a throwback from past Post an article of interest (blogs, news […]

The rise of emoji in digital marketing

I don’t really want to admit to this. [one_half]But the other day I found myself envying someone’s use of emoji. And just in case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, an emoji is a small icon that’s used to express an idea or emotion in digital communication.[/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] Anyway, I’ll say that again: the […]

Twitter: The Social Media Your Mum Warned You About

If you’re thinking about using Twitter, then this article is for you. Your mum probably warned you about Twitter. Because Twitter is online text messaging with strangers. That’s right. Twitter is the internet’s 24-hour cocktail party, and there are 2 things that make it unique: Each of these ‘text messages’ (called Tweets) are limited to just 140 characters They can be […]

How to safely abandon your in-active social media account

Staying active on social media is a tough ask. Especially when every social media expert tells you to be on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Snapchat (phew!) Does this sound like you? You can’t remember the last time you logged into Pinterest You’ve got a Twitter icon on your website, but your last tweet was in […]

What on earth is a #hashtag?

Hashtags are everywhere nowadays. If you’ve been wondering what the # symbol means (and how it works) then this article is for you. But first, where did hashtags come from? Hashtags originated on Twitter as a way to group tweets on similar topics and mark trends. More recently, hashtags have spread to other social media sites […]

Instagram 36 Times More Popular Than Twitter For ZM’s Latest Hashtag Campaign

Hashtag marketing is hitting the mainstream. If you listen to ZM on the radio, then you’ll know they’re giving away $1000 to someone who uses the hashtag ‘#zmsummer’ on Instagram or Twitter. When I first heard about the competition, I jumped onto Twitter and Instagram to see what all the fuss was about – and what I […]