5 ways to use social media to improve your customer service

Hello and Happy New Year to you all. As with every new year, the word ‘resolution’ has been flying around A LOT. Maybe you’re hoping to grow your online business this year, or finally delve into the world of social media marketing. Either way, customer service will play a big role in your success. And, […]

Has social media changed the face of advertising?

Yes, yes, OK, so we know we did a blog about ad:tech Auckland last week but this is different. This blog is just inspired by one of the topics at ad:tech.  (Definitely, completely different.) ad:tech concluded with a BIG debate between industry experts Tom Goodwin and Rosie Yakob. Tom was arguing that “despite the rise […]

Facebook added a feature that enables pages to join groups

It’s a private party, and now you’re invited! Facebook recently added a feature that enables pages to join groups. Groups are designed for people to share their common interests and express their opinions. They can be public (in which case anyone can join), may require administrator approval, or be by invitation only. From sports teams […]

Writing for social media. Why every word counts.

Let’s talk goldfish. If you believe we evolved from fish, then you could say we are devolving. Apparently, the average human now has an attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (crazy, right?). Goldfish = 9 seconds. Humans = 8 seconds. Our large volume of media consumption, social media usage and multi-screen behaviour is affecting […]

Make sure you go boots and all

Here at Likeable Lab, we love getting in amongst it and supporting our local community. So, when Trustpower organised a gumboot throwing competition in Tauranga’s CBD to raise money and awareness for the I Am Hope campaign, we were there. We had a lot of laughs and decided to film our antics to help spread […]

Canned responses are great, but don’t forget the personal touch

I love the way my Gmail knows me so well. It finishes my sentences for me. Suggests instant responses. Gives me a nudge if I haven’t replied to an email. So helpful (but kind of scary too!). But the great thing is, these auto features have made me a better emailer. I’m not the most […]

It’s a sign of the times

We like to be Likeable – after all, we are the Likeables! So when our new signs went up, we were excited to get our first walk-in within five minutes, followed by a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. The signs were doing their job! Or were they? By close of play we had […]

It’s official, Her Majesty The Queen is on the ‘Gram’

Hashtag HRH! The Queen has posted on Instagram for the first time. At 92, she’s busting the perception that Instagram is a young person’s only game. Which begs the question, if Her Royal Highness is doing it, shouldn’t you be doing it too? The Royal Family’s social media marketing strategy is undoubtably motivated by the […]

How to get real ROI from Social Media

All businesses want a result from their social media. Ultimately, they want it to generate business for them. Otherwise, why bother? Sure, the important metric for you might be fans or engagement. But somewhere down the track, you’re aiming for that engagement to result in continued business. Right? I can’t think of too many exceptions. […]

How to generate leads from Social Media

3 obscure reasons why it might not be working. “Social Media DOESN’T work in my business…” … Ah, if only I had a shiny dollar for every time I heard that…. Almost every single business owner I speak to, has become so disillusioned with how to generate leads from social media. They have got next […]