Instagram – it’s all just posts, reels, highlights, and stories isn’t it? Hmmm well, kind of but not really. Actually no, no it’s not! Instagram is all about strategy. It’s about crafting Insta-worthy content that has an instant effect. And, to bust yet another Instagrammable myth – just because Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta, that doesn’t mean Facebook content works for Instagram (or vice versa for that matter).

Instagram is different, and here at Likeable Lab, our team of Insta-enthusiasts know how to turn your brand’s content into unforgettable and totally engaging posts.


INSTAGRAM marketing

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Instagram is a brilliant way for potential customers to discover your business. With the right images and hashtags, people who may never have found you on Facebook or Google, could stumble across your content and quickly become a loyal follower. You just need to keep them there.

That’s where we come in. Our team here at Likeable Lab know all the effective Instagram marketing tricks of the channel to make sure your account not only gains the attention of your target customers, but keeps them coming back for more.

Our Insta-worthy offering includes:

  • Bespoke Instagram marketing strategy
  • Instagram content strategy and creation for attention-grabbing posts
  • Uploading, scheduling and monitoring of Instagram posts
  • Monthly content planning meetings (either virtually or face-to-face)
  • Monthly reporting and KPI analysis
  • Instagram advertising campaigns
instagram advertising
instagram marketing



Great Instagram accounts don’t just happen by chance. There’s a whole lot of insight going on behind the scenes to ensure an Instagram page reflects a brand’s corporate identity and delivers relevant content to an account’s followers and target audience. Great Instagram accounts are strategic, they’re well prepared, have an awesome Instagram marketing plan, and utilise Instagram advertising methods as a key part of their success.

For specific Instagram advertising we create unique imagery and post user-generated content to help position your business as a trustworthy brand. This allows you to connect with like-minded businesses that align with yours and ultimately gain the attention of your target customers.

Instagram marketing strategy

Trying to uncover those elusive Instagram marketing secrets you’ve heard about? Well, we’ve got great news, because effective Instagram marketing starts right here, right now, in our extremely likeable Instagram marketing agency.

We’ll devise an Instagram marketing strategy that will keep your content consistent, we’ll keep an eye on your Instagram channel(s) and those of your competitors, and we’ll brainstorm ideas to keep your customers happy, your audiences growing, and your engagement flowing.

Ready for your Instagram marketing to make an impact? Just talk to our Likeable Insta-team who’ll happily share their Instagram marketing secrets and do the hard yards for you.

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