Email subject lines: 8 tips for better click-through

How many emails do you delete without even opening them? If you’re like me, it’ll be quite a few. I’ve subscribed to plenty of things and never got round to taking myself off the mailing list. But, every so often, an email catches my eye and I end up making an impulse purchase. Email marketing […]

Reverse Psychology

“Don’t buy anything for Dad this Father’s day” That’s the subject line of an email I received from Cactus Outdoor Clothing yesterday, and whoever wrote it deserves a medal. They deserve a medal, because they managed to cut through the barrage of Father’s Day email marketing efforts, and flip the ‘buy this thing for Dad’ approach completely […]

There’s a problem with social media

The problem is ownership. You might have 5213 likes on Facebook, but let’s be honest, you don’t own them, because Facebook does. And they can whisk them away at any moment, or charge you more to reach them. And that’s why you need to know which channels you own, and which you rent. You own […]

Shooting the messenger

There’s a misconception that email marketing sucks. Why? Because we’re all tired of getting lousy emails from businesses trying to sell us stuff. But don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t let everyone else’s poor email-marketing practice put you off – because email isn’t the problem, it’s the approach. When it’s done right, email is the most powerful weapon in your digital […]

Why social media is like sugar

When I first started Likeable, I was all about social media. I could see the opportunity for NZ businesses, and I knew that most simply didn’t have the time (or skills) to social media in-house – enter Likeable. But 4 years later, I’ve learnt that social media is like sugar. Social media is like sugar, because […]

Revealed: 4 things I’ve learnt about Digital Marketing

Are you up-to-speed with digital marketing? Without further ado, here are 4 things I’ve learnt about digital marketing over the last 4 years at Likeable. 1. Your website will never be finished. Launching a new website is no longer the end of the digital marketing process for your business, it’s the very start. Businesses who succeed online, […]

The 3 excuses you’re using for not email-marketing to your customers

You know you should be email-marketing. Because you know that those who have bought from you already, are more likely to buy from you again. And you know that email-marketing is one of the most effective, low-cost methods of reaching them. But you still don’t do it. And here’s why… 3 reasons you’re not email-marketing to […]

Why your business can’t ignore email marketing

Think email marketing is dead? If so, I can understand why. Because most email newsletters are un-targeted, generic sales pitches that deliver little or no value. But I’ll let you in on a secret – the problem isn’t email. The problem is with the content, not the medium – so blaming email is shooting the messenger, literally. The trick with email marketing […]

Email marketing: 5 mistakes to avoid

It’s no secret that email marketing actually works. When done well, email will remind people you exist, demonstrate your expertise and drive sales. BUT in a world of crowded inboxes, are your email newsletters being ignored because of a few simple blunders? Give your email newsletters the best chance of success by avoiding these 5 mistakes… Top 5 don’ts for […]

Pain or pleasure: Which email subject lines work best?

Got an email newsletter coming up? If so, you’ll know that the subject line you choose will have a large impact on the number of recipients who will open, read and click your email. And with this in mind, I thought I’d share the results from a recent experiment – and my findings might change the way you […]