The long and short of long form copy

So… this is a blog. You know it’s a blog because when you go to the Likeable Lab website and click on the ‘Blog’ tab, you end up here. Also because of its style and length. It’s conversational, informal and far too long to be a social media post. Or is it? A trend is […]

Why you should start blogging (not blagging)

With the explosion of the internet and social media, it seems everyone’s an expert on something these days. And you can be too. The beauty of the World Wide Web is that it provides a platform for self-publishing like never before. No longer are you restricted to print media. Blogging is an important business tool […]

Are my in-laws your next customer?

Usually about this time of year we start getting lots of family visiting from the UK. The weather warms up and they flock to NZ. Funny that ?. Not that I’m complaining, I love having family visit. First up for the summer, my in-laws. They’ve been out several times and like to make the most of what […]

The Halo Effect | the Secret Facebook Traffic You Might Not Know About!

I love data. As much as I’m the creative type, I truly understand the importance of good solid data. That is why I love Google Analytics and the Halo Effect. With so many marketing channels out there for us to utilise, Google Analytics allows us to compile everything into one place. To allow us to […]


I have a mate who likes fishing. Let’s call him Tom, because that’s his name. Tom likes getting out in the boat, and dropping his line in – but here’s the thing, he doesn’t actually like catching fish. So he doesn’t bait his hooks. I recently discovered Tom’s been fishing for years without bait, so […]

Tricking google

The world has changed. Well, the online world has at least – especially when it comes to the copywriting on your website. You see, in the past, it was all about tricking Google. Stuff your website full of keywords they said, and you’ll appear higher up the search results they said. It made sense 12 years ago, […]

What Outward Bound taught me about Digital Marketing

Heard of Outward Bound? It’s kind of hard to explain, but let’s just say it’s an outdoor adventure course that’s designed to push it’s participants to the limit. Anyway, back in 2013, I was lucky to spend a week at Outward Bound with 12 complete strangers. We ran, sailed, hiked and kayaked until we were exhausted. We spent nights […]

Why Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a thing (anymore)

Heard of Search Engine Optimisation? I won’t bore you with the details, but the thinking is that it’s possible to improve where your website sits in google search results, for certain search terms – and it’s called S.E.O. for short. Anyway, I’d like to suggest that S.E.O. isn’t a thing anymore. Because Google is smarter than […]

Why your business can’t ignore email marketing

Think email marketing is dead? If so, I can understand why. Because most email newsletters are un-targeted, generic sales pitches that deliver little or no value. But I’ll let you in on a secret – the problem isn’t email. The problem is with the content, not the medium – so blaming email is shooting the messenger, literally. The trick with email marketing […]

5 hallmarks of a good website

Does your business have a website? If so, this article is for you. You see, we’ve seen a fair few websites in our time, and there are a couple of things we’ve noticed… We’ve noticed that there are three types of people who care about the success of your website: You (representing the business) Your web-designer Your audience And we’ve also noticed […]