Category: Facebook

Category: Facebook

3 ‘bait-busting’ tips

We got a message from Facebook the other day. This happens regularly, they have lots of automated alerts and when you run ads every day

We rebranded! Find out why.

When Likeable Nick bought the original Likeable last year, two businesses merged into one. A bunch of people with epic digital marketing skills combined their

Who’s Your Support Crew?

One of my favourite things to do is play the role of support crew at any type of sporting event. Support crews are mostly needed

Is Facebook listening to us?

I often get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole. I start by watching a music video and then somehow, three hours later, I’m deep in

The spring binge

The warmer days of spring are finally upon us. It’s great to see people out and about on the streets enjoying the sunshine, pounding the

Company mantra

“No one is to sell anything.” That’s the mantra of a company we’ve just started working with, and I must say – it’s refreshing. Instead

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