What does your screen time tell you?

I might be a little late to the party, but I’ve just started using the ‘screen time’ app on my phone.

It’s not a new tool but I thought it would be interesting to see how I use my phone.

It tells me how long I’ve been on my phone each day, what apps I’ve used and how long I spent on each of them. It also shows how many times I’ve picked up my phone each hour and how many notifications I’ve had during that hour.

I’ll tell you, what an eye-opener!

The app shows I spend the most time on social networking sites. No surprises there, seeing as that’s my job. But although I’d like to think that most of the time is for work or research, it’s definitely not.

It made me think, how would I use my phone if social media ever went away?

Silly question really. Social media is very much entrenched in our lives. I’d say it’s here to stay. In some form at least. Some platforms will peak and some will disappear (not Facebook in my opinion) but social media will remain.

What will evolve is the way we use social media. How I use Facebook now is very different how I used it 10 years ago. Remember when you’d just post a status – no photo necessary, it’s almost unheard of now. Social media is now all about video, stories, photos and engaging content. Who would have thought that someone sharing a photo of their dinner was worthy content? (I’m hoping that trend will go away.)

And the reason it’s not going anywhere is because we are social creatures at heart. We will continue to use social media as a form of communication, connecting with others. We will continue to use it as an information gathering tool. Whether that’s where the new restaurant in town is or the best electrician.

Social media is definitely not going anywhere, but you just want to be sure your business is using it in the most up to date way.

If you know your company needs to be on social media, or you just can’t keep up with the constantly changing world of social media, then give us a call. We can guide you every step of the way.

~ Likeable Nicola

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