Right tool, right job.

I’m no mechanic.

But I know the difference between a spanner and a screwdriver. Each tool is for a certain purpose. I get that.

Marketing is kinda the same. You might not be on the tools yourself, but it’s helpful to know what each tool does, and when to pull it out of your toolkit.

Take online advertising.

Google Adwords is about demand fulfilment. Consumers search for a product, and your advert meets their need. Makes sense.

Facebook advertising however is about demand generation. Suggesting your product to consumers who don’t know they need it yet, and doing so by targeting demographics and interests.

Renting storage sheds? Setup Google Adwords. People will search when they need storage, and probably make a purchasing decision on the spot.

Selling kids clothes? Setup Facebook ads targeting Females who ‘Like’ Pumpkin Patch on Facebook. These ladies are probably looking for somewhere new to buy kids clothes.

It’s not always clear cut, but choosing the right tool is a great start.

Can we assemble your marketing toolkit?

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ps – 99,290 people ‘like’ Pumpkin Patch on FB. Someone should run that campaign. I don’t have any kids clothes to sell, otherwise I’d be straight in there!

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