Subliminal Advertising

Have you seen the movie Inception?

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a professional thief who steals information by infiltrating the subconscious.

And as the movie goes on, Leo stops stealing info, and starts trying to plant ideas instead. Inception if you will.

Now I don’t normally go for sci-fi thrillers, but it’s a great watch, and the way Leo accesses the subconscious has parallels with marketing – well, re-marketing to be specific.

Here’s how remarketing works:

  1. John visits your website looking for brown leather shoes
  2. John leaves your website without buying
  3. Days later, John see’s ads for your brown leather shoes

Creepy? Kinda. Illegal? Not at all.

Remarketing is about as close to subliminal advertising as you can get, and it’s not sci-fi, it’s real life. And it’s ready and waiting for kiwi businesses who can see the opportunity.

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