There’s a problem with social media

The problem is ownership. You might have 5213 likes on Facebook, but let’s be honest, you don’t own them, because Facebook does. And they can whisk them away at any moment, or charge you more to reach them. And that’s why you need to know which channels you own, and which you rent. You own […]

Revealed: 4 things I’ve learnt about Digital Marketing

Are you up-to-speed with digital marketing? Without further ado, here are 4 things I’ve learnt about digital marketing over the last 4 years at Likeable. 1. Your website will never be finished. Launching a new website is no longer the end of the digital marketing process for your business, it’s the very start. Businesses who succeed online, […]

Is your business suffering from social media fatigue?

You know what the problem is with social media? The problem is it’s always on – so when your business decides to do Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whatever social media network is the latest thing – you commit to spending a whole lot of time. And time is money. (just to point out the obvious) Anyway, the […]

Why your social media images should be landscape(d)

You know what the problem is with social media? It’s that every different social media network requires different sized images. It’s incredibly annoying – or at least it was… until today. Because today I’ve discovered a free tool that takes the hassle out of getting the right sized image for each social media platform – […]

Revealed: What nobody tells you about social media

Hold on to your hats folks… Because social media isn’t the knight-in-shining armour we all think it is. Why? Because social media marketing has a fundamental flaw for us as business owners – and that is that we don’t own the audience. Let me explain. When your business has a customer’s email address, or their details in your […]

Revealed: The kick-ass Linkedin feature you’re not using yet

Are you on Linkedin? If so, there’s an awesome new feature you should know about – especially if you’re in the business-to-business space. It’s what Linkedin are calling long-form posts (boring name I know), and it’s designed to help you reach the Linkedin connections you’ve been building up over the years. In a nutshell, these long-form posts allow you […]

How popular is your Linkedin profile?

Linkedin is now a popularity contest. That’s right. Linkedin made an update to its website last week, and I thought it might interest you. Now you can see how popular your Linkedin profile is compared to others. Hooray for me, I feel popular! (well, this week at least!) How popular are you on Linkedin? To […]

Linkedin: Is it worth paying $12 per month for a Linkedin Premium membership?

Everyone should be on Linkedin. Ok, maybe not everyone, but certainly those who are interested in their career or professional development. Thanks to my free Linkedin profile, in the last year I’ve had: A job offer from a Wellington recruitment firm An article written by Waikato University (this article) An invitation to speak at a […]