Linkedin: Is it worth paying $12 per month for a Linkedin Premium membership?

Everyone should be on Linkedin.

Linkedin Free vs Premium

Ok, maybe not everyone, but certainly those who are interested in their career or professional development.

Thanks to my free Linkedin profile, in the last year I’ve had:

  • A job offer from a Wellington recruitment firm
  • An article written by Waikato University (this article)
  • An invitation to speak at a national not-fot-profit conference

With the above success, I thought I’d try and ramp things up, so I recently upgraded from the free Linkedin to Linkedin premium for NZ$12 per month.

With Linkedin premium you get a few extra things, but the main feature is being able to see who has viewed your Linkedin profile in the past 7 days.

So is Linkedin premium worth it?

No. At least, not for me – I just felt too much like a stalker/sales shark.

Once I know who was looking at my profile, I just couldn’t bring myself to call (or email) them and say “Hey, I see you’ve been looking at my Linkedin Page?”. And even if I could, where would the conversation lead from there?

If I really wanted to talk to someone in particular I’d rather cold call them, and I’d rather spend my $12 on shouting them a coffee.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has found Linkedin Premium worthwhile, otherwise I’ll be sticking with the free version of Linkedin 🙂

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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