Category: Business

Category: Business

Riding shotgun

Over the past 9 months, I’ve been working on a side project. And it’s nothing to do with Likeable. In fact, it’s not even digital,

Wrong job

I’m in the wrong job, and I’ve only just realised. You see, this time last year, Likeable Ryan joined the team. And for the past

Losing customers

It sucks when a customer leaves. Take KOKO Classics, a client that left us in June this year. KOKO sell industrial and classic inspired furniture.

Baking powder

Content marketing. It’s all the rage right now. The basic idea? Share valuable info with your prospects and customers, and you’ll attract and retain more

89 prospects in 8 months

Ezyline build transportable homes. They cost up to $185k, depending on the plan. But when it comes to sales, it’s a long process – because

Information overload

“You can do anything, but not everything” I love this quote from productivity guru David Allen. It’s especially relevant with digital marketing, because there’s an


Rotorua is famous for its mountain biking. In the redwoods alone, there are over 100 trails to choose from, with more than 150 kilometers of

The willow tree

There’s a park beside my house. In the park, there’s a ginormous, 60-year-old willow tree. And everyone loves it. The willow’s branches are long and

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