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Moped after 5 with Helen Camilleri

(Moped run events for marketing professionals in the sunny BOP. Learn more about moped on their website, or read on to hear what Helen Camilleri had to say when she recently presented to the moped crowd.)

When Helen worked with toy giant LEGO® some years ago, she was taken through a sort of symbolic ‘birth’, and found herself in an environment of oversized proportions. It was called The Land of Childhood. All employees at the time were given this experience to help them see things from a child’s perspective. How cool.

There’s no doubt about it – LEGO® is a fun brand.

And The Land of Childhood was one tool that instilled in employees what LEGO® is all about. It defined a certain culture, and at the end of the day, that’s what really attracts customers to your brand. Your culture.

“Your culture is your brand.”    

Currently, Helen is the head of People and Brand at Gallagher, a successful innovation based company that sells fuel pumps, security systems and animal management systems for farmers.

So how do you create a cohesive brand for a business like Gallagher, a company that offers such different products?

The answer? You guessed it – culture. Shared culture that brings otherwise very separate teams together.

Helen’s 6 tips for creating culture in your workplace.

  1. Be explicit about company expectations and purpose.
  2. Be part of something bigger outside of the company.
  3. Find culture champions in your team of employees – those that align with your desired culture are usually the most enthusiastic.
  4. Cultivate understanding between employees and different teams of people.
  5. Don’t be afraid to utilise external agents and expertise to help make change to existing culture.
  6. Get others outside of your company involved in your culture.

So what’s your culture?

You may already have a good vibe going on in your team or organisation, but being intentional about your company culture rather than letting it happen accidentally can make a big difference to the success of your brand.

Because people matter. Your marketing material might be fantastic, but if a customer’s experience with your service is crap, that’s what they will remember.

So invest in your people. Develop the culture of your brand.

This is what Helen calls culture by design.

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