Want $100? Nominate An Abandoned Facebook Page And Go In To Win

Know someone with a Facebook business page that’s out of date? Facebook is a powerful tool, but many NZ businesses don’t have the time to manage their page. Nominate a Facebook page that needs help and enter to win $100 cash. How it works: Visit my Likeable Facebook page and ‘Tag’ the business you’d like […]

Hello Chocolate Lovers: Why The Whittaker’s Facebook Page Is Awesome

Whittaker’s NZ have a great Facebook page They obviously know what they’re doing when it comes to Facebook. But there’s one part which they’ve really nailed. It’s the way they talk to their fans. They refer to all of their Facebook fans as ‘Chocolate Lovers’. Heck, their page is actually called Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers And almost […]

Video: How to save time by scheduling your Facebook updates in advance

Are you wasting time on Facebook? Would you be more efficient if you planned all of your Facebook updates at once? Each monday I plan my Facebook content for the week, so I find the ability to schedule my Facebook posts incredibly useful. Here’s how to save time by planning your Facebook updates in advance […]

3 tips for handling negative comments on your Facebook page

But first… Negative comments aren’t always a bad thing! Because they’re an opportunity for you to turn a negative situation into a positive one (if handled well) And if it’s in response to something you’ve posted, it shows that the topic is captivating (see my article, why your business needs to upset people) So what […]

6 Facebook Tips for Tauranga Businesses

Looking to boost your profile on Facebook? Option 1: Post a large number of cat videos on Facebook to attract attention (this technique is known as “Catvertising“) Option 2: If for some reason “Catvertising” fails to do the trick, follow my 6 tips below… 1. Be consistent Commit to posting regularly so you’re “top of […]

How to get more Facebook ‘Likes’ by commenting as your business page

Are you trying to get more ‘likes’ for your Facebook page? Here’s my favourite way way to slowly gain more Facebook likes for your business. Watch video (2 mins). [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK9Pt7kmHN4[/youtube] Thanks for watching, here’s a summary of the video Switch to using Facebook as your business page Find another Facebook page’s post that you are interested in […]

Facebook’s most hidden feature: How to have recent posts by others display on your page

Do you manage a Facebook page for your business? If so, I’d like to show you Facebook’s most hidden feature (and it’s one that’s quite useful if you have a community of people already interacting with your page) [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-j1SYX0O_w[/youtube] Watch this 2-minute video to learn: Where to find the ‘Recent Posts by Others’ section on […]

Your Facebook Page Setup: The Top 3 Things To Consider

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Here are the top 3 things to consider when it comes to the setup/layout of your page. [youtube]xzm-gDB0y10[/youtube] Watch this 2 minute video to learn: What to consider when choosing your Facebook profile picture What to include in the about section of your Facebook page How […]

4 Facebook statistics that might surprise you

Did you know… There are over 2 million people on Facebook in NZ (could any of these people be your current or future customers?) 127,080 New Zealander’s joined Facebook in the last 6 months (what other marketing mediums have had this kind of growth?) 55% of Facebook users are female, the remainder are male (hopefully!) It’s not […]