6 Facebook Tips for Tauranga Businesses

Looking to boost your profile on Facebook?

Option 1: Post a large number of cat videos on Facebook to attract attention (this technique is known as “Catvertising“)

Option 2: If for some reason “Catvertising” fails to do the trick, follow my 6 tips below…

1. Be consistent

  • Commit to posting regularly so you’re “top of mind” for your Facebook audience
  • 3 times per week is the minimum in my opinion

2. Time it right

  • Late morning (11am), mid afternoon (3pm) and mid evening (8pm) are all noted as peak/popular times in terms of Facebook usage

3. Use amazing imagery

  • Images are the most shared content type on Facebook, so make sure you accompany any text updates with an amazing, relevant image

4. Keep it short

  • The faster it is to read, the more likely your fans will actually read and share it
  • As a guide, try to keep your posts to less than 80 characters

5. Be relevant

  • Your content should demonstrate that you know who your audience are
    • What’s important for them right now?
    • What challenges do they face?
    • What are they excited by?
  • Note: Only post about Cat’s if your audience actually care about them

6. Be authentic

  • People ‘like’ you because they like what you do, so your voice on Facebook should be true to yourself – not manufactured or fake.

Have I missed anything? Feel free to add your 5 cents by placing a comment below..

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