What To Post: Facebook Marketing For Farmer Jones

Wondering what to post on your Facebook page?

Knowing what to share can be tough, so here’s a quick look at the 4 angles we’ve been working for Farmer Jones in Tauranga.

4 Facebook update ideas for your page:

1. Educational Facebook posts

What handy info, tips or tricks could you share with your Facebook followers?

Lengthy descriptions or detailed how-to guide’s aren’t ideal, but short simple instructions or diagrams can work well.

Farmer Jones Example:


2. Funny Facebook posts

What funny image or joke could you share?

Funny Facebook updates might feel like a stretch if your business is a little serious, but Facebook is a much more casual forum than traditional marketing channels – and the best part is that funny works (it’s practically what Facebook was built upon!).

Farmer Jones example:

3. Current Events related

What significant dates or events can your business leverage?

A mash-up between your product/service and it’s relevance to an upcoming date often works well.

Farmer Jones example:

4. Word-play

What words for your product/service have more than one meaning?

Farmer Jones example:

You can also have a lot of fun if you have an interesting name (like Rodney Fong).

Can you put these 4 ideas to use for your business?

Grab a coffee, a blank piece of paper and get cracking – and remember to schedule your posts to save time.

Nb: Special thanks to Likeable Keri for developing these Facebook updates for Farmer Jones (I can’t take the credit)

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