Our Social Media Services Explained

Well hello there friends. It’s been a while (well a few weeks, but it’s felt like an eternity).  We thought we’d kick off the new year by giving you the low-down of all of our new services.  Since taking on another company, we are now able to offer more of a full service agency experience […]

How to get the best from your social media ad spend

Whaaat??? Did someone say boost? Wash your mouth out with soap and water. Lots of people do it. You may even do it. And if you don’t, you probably know someone who does. But that doesn’t make it right … ‘Boosting’ is a bit of a dirty word in the Likeable office. There’s nothing inherently bad […]

How to create fiery connections on Instagram

Instagram is changing rapidly at the moment. It can be hard to keep up and there may be times when you think of just quitting this social media platform altogether.  BUT don’t quit just yet! For many businesses, part of a sound social media strategy is ensuring your product or service is visible on this […]

5 social media stories you need to hear this week

Here  you go. We’ve done the leg work for you and put together the top 5 ‘must know’ social media news items for the week in one place. You can thank us later! 1. Instagram rolled out a new layout You may have noticed that your Instagram looks a little different this week and that’s […]

How a standing desk may improve your productivity

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – why would you want to stand up and work? Don’t we already stand enough during the day?  We hear you BUT, we have some pretty cool facts to share with you that may change your mind.  Productivity in the workplace is on the top of everyone’s list, with […]

How to save time by batch content creating

Content. It’s a word you’re familiar with and possibly even sick of by now. But it’s also one of the best ways to reach your audience and convert followers into sales online.  Great content is the difference between making sales and not, so it’s important to get it right.  But that doesn’t mean you have […]

How to design a highly converting home page

First impressions count, especially when it comes to your website. Your homepage is like your virtual shop window. It can make or break whether customers are going to walk through that ‘door’ or not.  We know first hand how much time and effort it takes to build your organic SEO rankings and optimise your website […]

Top 5 benefits of using video on social media

Video. You’ve heard about it, watched it, maybe even dabbled in creating some yourself. But are you really using it to its full potential in your social media strategy?  There is a reason that video has become so popular recently, with more and more small businesses discovering the power of online video and adopting it […]

How to run a successful competition on social media

Getting people engaging on your social media posts can be tough and you may be feeling like you’re having to reinvent the wheel every time just to stand out.  Although getting creative is good, there are certain types of content that just do well, all the time. One of our favourites is competitions!  I mean, […]

How to beat social media fatigue

You know what the problem is with social media? It’s always on. And when you decide your business should be on all the platforms, what you’re also doing is committing to spending a whole heap of time managing your social media. And time is money (just to point out the obvious). BUT there is a […]