Can you remember a time when your parents used to say “hey don’t use that tone with me?”. Chances are you’ve probably used the wrong tone of voice before. The tone you use to speak with others whether it be your colleagues, clients, or customers matters. Particularly when it comes to social media and digital marketing. If you use the wrong tone on social media platforms, emails or your website, it can affect the connection with your audience. That’s why it’s essential to nail it on the first go. Remember it’s not what you say but HOW you say it.

You may be wondering, how can I do that? Well, read on – because you’re about to become a tone of voice expert!

Why Tone of Voice is Such a Game Changer

Building your online presence? Defining your brand identity? Whether you’ve just launched a new business or website, or you simply want a larger following on social media, they all have one thing in common – tone of voice!

Tone of voice is crucial because how you speak to your audience is just as important as what you say to them. Sometimes even more! So let’s start with the basics, your tone of voice will let you to connect with your audience via:

This is where you engage with your audience and have the opportunity to share the real, authentic voice of your brand one on one, in either comments or DM’s. This is where you make real connections. So, what’s your unique tone of voice?

What’s your voice?

To begin with, identify your audience and where your brand sits. Doctors, for example, use a professional, accurate, and concise voice; daycare centres will have a bubbly, light-hearted and fun tone.

Ask yourself, are you:

Pick your vibe from the get-go and own it. The more authentic the better! At Likeable Lab, we’ve thought a lot about our tone of voice. For example, if you’ve made it this far onto the website, you’ll notice our brand language is cheeky, but not disrespectful, we’re experts in our field, but not know it alls. From these little pointers, we know when to ramp it up or when to tone it down, yet still being our fun and authentic selves. Additionally, these align with our brand values of who we are. You can even have a little peek into who we are here

Looking into the pros! (cons don’t exist here)

Remember that consistency is key with tone of voice. From your website homepage to your daily social media posts, whichever touchpoint you’re reaching your customer on, your tone should be the same across all channels. We all know how first impressions can be – often when we meet a person we come to some instant conclusion about them… this can be based on how they present themselves, what they say, their posture or tone of voice. So why would this be any different for a business? The short answer – it’s not. Customers base their first impressions of a brand on whether they will have a second interaction, so it’s essential to have a recognizable and consistent tone of voice from the get-go. If you get your tone of voice right, here are some of the many benefits you’ll be able to reap.

Want another example? Think Nike! Well known for its positive, inspiring and empowering messaging used in all communication, Nike’s tone of voice also ties in well with its signature slogan “Just Do It”.

Top tips for perfecting your tone of voice

Ready to get to work on your tone of voice? Identify your brand’s persona and the type of voice you want your brand to have. Once you’ve nailed that:

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