5 social media stories you need to hear this week

Here  you go. We’ve done the leg work for you and put together the top 5 ‘must know’ social media news items for the week in one place. You can thank us later!

1. Instagram rolled out a new layout

You may have noticed that your Instagram looks a little different this week and that’s because Instagram has launched their new layout, which moves the ‘Shop’ and ‘Reels’ features into the spotlight. 

If you haven’t started using these two features in your social media marketing efforts, now is the time, because it looks like they’re not going anywhere! Compared with IGTV, which was a bit of a bust, Reels have continued to grow in popularity and are front and centre in the new layout.

2. Twitter launched the ‘Fleets’ story-like feature

Seems like it may be a little too late, but Twitter has finally joined the story train and have brought out ‘Fleets’. Fans aren’t convinced about it, though!

Will they catch on like Instagram Stories? Or will they fade into the background like Facebook lite? Only time will tell.

3. Cerebral Palsy got a new face – A 7-Year-Old Social Media Star 

In other news, an amazing boy with Cerebral Palsy is using his platform to challenge perceptions of disabilities. Sirio Persichetti, 7, was born with a form of cerebral palsy called spastic tetraplegia, which causes his mouth to always be open. 

With the help of his mother, he has taken to social media to show how life with a disability isn’t all doom and gloom. He truly is a hero and this week he was featured on multiple news platforms commending him for his efforts.

Truly heartwarming stuff!!

4. TikTok got the greenlight from the US

November 11th was meant to be doomsday for TikTok – the day that the presidential election was over and the US announced the banning of the platform. 

BUT.. – thankfully that never happened. TikTok has now been given the greenlight that they can continue. This is great news for small businesses that have been utilising the platform for brand awareness and for the everyday folks who love a cheeky scroll. 

5. Pinterest launched a new Holiday Gift Guide 

Struggling for gift ideas this Christmas? Pinterest has just answered all of your prayers! This week, they launched a Holiday Guide that covered all of the trends for gifts this year, giving you plenty of ideas for your loved ones. Go check it out for all the inspiration you need! 

And there you have it! Five social media stories that you needed to hear this week. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend and if you want to have a chat, get in touch!

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