How a standing desk may improve your productivity

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – why would you want to stand up and work? Don’t we already stand enough during the day? 

We hear you BUT, we have some pretty cool facts to share with you that may change your mind. 

Productivity in the workplace is on the top of everyone’s list, with the rise of the four day working week pushing people to work ‘smarter not harder’. 

And while there are many strange trends buzzing around like sitting on a medicine ball, or doing shoulder presses with a set of dumbbells each hour, there are some that may actually hold some weight (see what we did there? ?). 

A study by Texas A&M University found that standing desks boosted worker productivity by 46%!! The best part? The employees productivity increased even more over time. 

Now, you may be wondering, how the heck will standing up increase my productivity by 46%? 

You have every right to be a little bit skeptical. So to help you out, we’ve listed the top five ways a standing desk can improve productivity. 

1. It boosts your brain power 

When creating killer content for our social media clients, we often revert to sitting in the Likeable Lab office – even though our desks give us the option to stand! 

When you stand, it stimulates your circulation which, in turn, sends more oxygen and nutrients to your brain. When you sit, circulation actually slows down and this can have a negative effect on your blood flow in less than 10 minutes! So by standing, your brain will be getting the power it needs to get you through the work day – and help get your creative swing on! 

2. Improved focus 

Now this is something we all want right? Studies show that 10 minutes of standing is all it takes to increase your focus. In fact, by reducing your sitting time by just one hour you can improve your mental focus throughout the day. And when you’re more focused, you’re able to work more efficiently and bang out super social media content

3. Less pain

Ever get that dreaded back ache after sitting at your desk too long? Or maybe get a bit of restless leg syndrome with your body wanting to move?  That’s because our bodies were not designed to sit down all day. In fact, it actually causes us physical stress and harm that can lead to joint pain, damaged nerves and chronic headaches!  

Now how much is that pain distracting you from doing your work? Probably quite a lot! With standing, you can lower your pain and stay focused on the task at hand. 

4. More energy 

Sitting can be pretty boring and you can easily get burnt out. By standing and moving around in small bursts throughout the day, you can increase your overall energy levels and change your environment to keep your body in tune. 

According to a study, 87% of employees using standing desks reported feeling more energetic as a result of standing during the workday. 

5. More happiness 

Okay so this is a broad claim BUT here us out. If you have more energy and less pain, you’re going to feel much happier in your workplace – just ask Likeable Nicola who uses her standing desk full time! ? Plus, with improved productivity levels you can take more breaks as you maybe able to complete your tasks in a shorter amount of time.  

Win, win we say! Have we convinced you to get a standing desk? Or perhaps you’ve just realised you actually need help with your social media. ? Either way, sing out if you’d like to chat more

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