The recipe for social media success

I love baking.

With two growing lads in our house (plus a hungry husband) my efforts in the kitchen are usually well received. It hasn’t always been the case though. On an occasion or two, I have managed to produce a lovely Banana Brick instead of Banana Bread.

But over time and several trials, I now have the recipe for the perfect banana bread nailed. It’s delicious.

To get the recipe right, I’ve had to change things up slightly. I’ve tweaked the temperate of the oven, played with the ingredient quantities and adjusted the cooking time. I can now produce a yummy banana bread that goes down a treat … and isn’t used to keep the door open.

It’s the same for social media.

You can find what you think is the best recipe for generating leads. But ovens differ in temperature, just like businesses differ in marketing needs. Your business is unique and therefore needs a unique approach.

You see with social media, there isn’t one set rule for what works for all businesses. There’s no magic formula. Instead, you need to tweak, adjust and amend to get the right outcome. And outcomes differ for businesses too. Some businesses want to increase their brand awareness. While others want customers to download their eBook. Each outcome requires a different approach. Some fine-tuning of the recipe.

But the thing I love about social media is you don’t have to go through the whole process of baking the cake to realise it doesn’t taste good! If a Facebook post isn’t performing as well as others, you can instantly change it. If an ad is performing brilliantly, you can immediately add more budget to increase the likelihood of leads. You can try Instagram ads and see almost instant results. You can change any number of variables to improve results when you know what you are doing.

That’s why you would employ a social media company. To have an expert eye to watch what’s happening with your social media marketing and adjust it as required to get the right results for your business.

If you think your recipe might need some tweaking, then get in touch and we can talk about a method that works.

~ Likeable Nicola

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