3 reasons why you should never check your email before 10am

We’ve all had the experience of being ruled by our email inbox.

Not checking your email before 10am allows you to take the power back…

  1. It means you can start on YOUR work first (rather than attending to other peoples requests)
  2. The email storm has usually calmed by 10am (because those people who start their day with email are finally doing some work!)
  3. It mean’s you’ve already achieved something before you encounter any distractions or ‘urgent’ requests
If you’re in a sales role then you might like to also adopt a ’10 before 10′ philosophy when it comes to your prospecting. Following this rule, you’d call 10 people before 10am – a great start to the day.

What do you spend your time doing before 10am?

Hopefully your work before 10 is helping you to take massive progress towards your goals.

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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