Wrong job

I’m in the wrong job, and I’ve only just realised. You see, this time last year, Likeable Ryan joined the team. And for the past 12 months, Ryan’s been heading up sales, whilst I’ve been co-ordinating our team. Everything’s been fine and dandy, until our recent strengths finder session that is, when it became obvious […]

How to write an EPIC to-do list

I’d like to suggest that the objective of a to-do list is not to get things done. It’s to brainstorm different ways for making massive progress towards your goals. Without blowing my own trumpet, I like to think that I’m pretty good at working towards my goals and I put a lot of that down […]

3 reasons why you should never check your email before 10am

We’ve all had the experience of being ruled by our email inbox. Not checking your email before 10am allows you to take the power back… It means you can start on YOUR work first (rather than attending to other peoples requests) The email storm has usually calmed by 10am (because those people who start their […]