Kiwi camping video campaign

Likeable Lab was asked to introduce a new Kiwi Camping product to their market and execute a fresh campaign for their first e-commerce offering.

Inspired by our backdoor, we generated a series of cinematic videos which encapsulate the adventurous lifestyle everyone is chasing. Our modern, edgy and Adventure Junkie approach helped tell their story ‘Upgrading Kiwi Adventures.’ Moody cinematic visuals were used to showcase the unreal features of the Tuatara rooftop tent. Accompanying designs also helped introduce a new brand personality to their audience. We were confident that their fresh approach and our ad campaigns would help elevate their hype – which is exactly what we did!

instagram content creation

Social media work

Each month, we create timely posts to promote relevant products to push sales for Kiwi Camping, this might be specific tents that can handle winter weather or a popular rooftop tent for the ultimate kiwi summer giveaway. Within this content, we ensure that the brand’s tone of voice is consistent and stays true to how the client wants the brand to be represented. Throughout these posts, we aim to increase their sales, their brand awareness and to engage regularly with their beloved and close-knit community they have generated online.

What they had to say about us:

Nick, Kim, and the team at Likeable Lab have helped us take Kiwi Camping social media to a whole new level. We get to share our passion for the outdoors with so many more people than we have ever reached in the past, and get so much back from others keen to share their kiwi camping stories. The Likeable lab crew are great to deal with taking care of the day to day admin – post scheduling, audience monitoring etc, but where we really see value is their expertise behind the scenes – audience targeting, content creation, ad design and insights.

– Dan
Aber Living

Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t