Yes, Yes, No

The charity collector knocked on the door.

I prepared for her sales pitch, but it didn’t come. Instead, she asked to leave a brochure.

I said YES.

She asked if she could come back to collect it tomorrow.

I said YES.

And then she left.

The next morning over breakfast, I read the brochure. It was a well designed, full colour brochure that clearly demonstrated why I should donate. It was good, real good…

That evening, she returned for the brochure, and asked if I’d like to donate.

And I said NO.

I explained that was our chosen charity, but even so, it was still tough to say no.

Why? Because saying yes twice had created momentum – making it was hard not to say yes a third time.

This tactic isn’t new, but it works well. And it works with digital marketing too.

For businesses like ours, it’s a case of working out the steps, automating the process, and measuring the results.

No door knocking required.

Can we make it hard for your customers to say no?

If you answered YES in your head, take the next step and arrange a meeting with us, visit

Cheers, Dan

Ps – We don’t have a magic wand. If your offer is crap, then no amount of digital marketing automation will help. Just saying.

Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t

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Let's make some cool sh*t

Let's make some cool sh*t