Why video is your new best friend

Covid-19 has taught us many things, among them how important technology is to communicate and keep in touch.

We’ve been invited into celebrities’ homes, like never before. We’ve seen the good work people are doing in our communities, and we’ve seen the not so good – including those flouting the lockdown rules, misinformation and trolls throwing around inaccurate information and just being a general nuisance.

We know social media is booming during the lockdown, with all that spare time many of us now have. But what exactly is doing the best on social media? 

In short – video. People are filling in their days creating clever video content to keep their businesses – and social lives – active and front of mind while the shop doors remain closed. It’s been said before that video content is expected to grow and overtake static posts. And the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly sped things up.

The increase in video content posted over social media has gone berserk. Platforms such as TikTok have experienced growth more than ever during the lockdown period. Humans are social beings, and we want to see each other and still ‘hang out’. We’ve seen that through an increase in video chats, utilising apps such as Google Hangouts, Houseparty and Zoom, just to name a few. 

The camera is your friend

So, what to do during a time like this? If you’ve been shy of the camera before, you really need to take the bull by the horns and embrace the technology. The camera lens is your friend!  It’s time to turn on the beauty filter, and get that video content cranking. It doesn’t need to be super polished, or professional – because is that really what it’s like in our day-to-day lives at the moment, or ever? People want to see the real you – the real person behind the brand. Even well known celebrities are putting down the powder brush, and showing off their real side.  Practice. Get the phone out, do some short videos. Use your video content for posts, stories, or try a live feed once you’re ready. Post it up – tell people you aren’t used to this, that it’s your first time. It really is OK! Just. Be. You. Like anything, practice makes perfect!

What video to shoot?

These aren’t usual times – so the usual rules don’t apply. Home film videos with kids, animals or whatever in the background. Record footage in your lounge, in your kitchen – still in your pyjamas! Give people a ‘behind the scenes’ – it might seem menial, but you’re showing people the real you. Think about ways you can continue to help your customers remotely – what can you give them for free? A tutorial on something which might normally drive business away, could now be a way of building loyalty. Do your customers have questions for you that can be answered through a live Q&A session? Clever and quirky ways of interacting with your customers are a sure fire way to build engagement.

What will it do for my brand?

The important thing here is still having a presence. You want to be front and centre – and video is a great way to do that. You can talk in an informal, but real, way about your brand, what you’re hoping for in the future, and getting back to business as usual.  We’ve seen some great examples of businesses unable to work from home, but who continue to engage with their audiences in multiple ways. Businesses that can do this are effectively keeping their customers in a state of ‘wait and see’ and hanging on for the next update. Your brand is still your biggest mouthpiece, but you need to be the voice, and now the real living face, to it. 

Where to from here?

Well, we don’t have a crystal ball with all the answers. What we do know is the same principles apply with thinking about engagement and being creative with your content. Keeping in touch with your customers, whether you’re working or not, hasn’t lost its importance. Even though the way we’re doing that on social media has changed. Inviting people into our homes, showing people the real side of you and your brand through video is proving to be a hit – and will be until some sense of normality returns. 

So, get moving, and get filming. Now is the time to create video content like never before, and not feel like there’s a right, or wrong way. Just, do it – and enjoy it!


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