Why playing foosball is like Facebook advertising

I’ll admit it.

I have a slight addiction to foosball.

But not just playing foosball — I’m addicted to winning foosball. People say I take the game too seriously.

But winners are grinners ?

We have a foosball table here at Likeable Lab. Whenever we need a distraction, we play.  It’s a great way to take out your frustrations, or to decide who makes the next hot drink.

Putting aside the professionals, there are really only two ways to play foosball:


This is where you spin the little men around hard, like an out-of-control rotary hoe. This tactic is easy, but very hit and miss.


This involves some skill, keeping hold of the handles and trying to strategically hit the ball.

So why do I say foosball is like Facebook advertising?

The hit and miss of boosting posts

Like ‘spin-to-win’, if your Facebook advertising strategy is to boost posts, it can be a bit hit and miss.

While the options for boosting are getting better, you don’t have much control over your audiences, objectives, and timeframes.

If you’re trying to do anything more than engage your page fans, you might struggle.

(Much like my colleagues – I won’t name names – who just spin the little foosball players around and leave goal scoring to chance.)

Like the foosball spin-to-win tactic, boosting is pretty simple. It’s great for beginners, but at some point, you need to get serious.

Play to win with Facebook Ads Manager

When you dive in and use Ads Manager you’re taking a much more strategic approach.

With its customisation features, Ads Manager enables you to set up some pretty sophisticated advertising campaigns.

For example:

⚽️   You can set your marketing objectives. i.e. Do you want to grow brand awareness, encourage engagement, generate leads or make sales?

⚽️   You can put your ads on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and more.

⚽️   You can really fine-tune your target audience – and include or exclude certain groups.

And that’s just the start.

Ads Manager gives you much more control and more sophisticated reporting.

So, if you’re happy to boost posts and let Facebook decide how to spend your advertising dollars, then carry on.

But, if you would rather have some control and strategy behind your Facebook advertising spend and be able to track your performance, then it’s time to start using Ads Manager.

At Likeable Lab, not only do we have a great foosball table, but we also have an excellent knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager.

Get in touch if you need some help with either.

~ Likeable Phil


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