Why most client testimonials suck (and what to do about it)

Ever asked a customer to write a testimony for you?

Chances are you received something like this:

“I have been dealing with COMPANY NAME for 10 years, and I have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.” – John

Yes, testimonies can help turn prospects into customers, but not testimonies like the one above – it’s terrible!

It’s a terrible testimony because:

  • It looks like you wrote it yourself (even though you didn’t)
  • It’s generic and stuffed full of clichéd words
  • It doesn’t say what product or service was purchased (or why)

And it’s like this because your customer told you what they thought you’d like to hear, rather than talking about their actual experience with your business.

Testimonials are meant to create trust right? But testimonies like the above actually do more harm than good – it’s better not to have them! (more about damaging testimonials here)

Don’t ask your customers to write testimonials for you, follow this process instead.

How to collect AMAZING testimonials:

  1. Call your customer
  2. Ask them how they found their experience with you
  3. Write down notes as they tell you (use their words)
  4. Repeat what they’ve said to you
  5. Ask them if you can use what they’ve said as a testimony
  6. Email it to them so they can check it word for word

Notice how you didn’t ask about the testimony until the end of the conversation?

For extra credibility add the following when publishing:

  • Their full name
  • Their company name
  • Their photo
  • The date of their testimony

ps – need help collecting testimonials for your business? I can call your clients, follow this process, and upload them to your website on your behalf (contact me if you’re interested)

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