Remind me again: Why are we on Facebook?

Wondering if your Facebook page is worth it?

If so, today’s article is for you.

It’s a Facebook marketing pep talk, designed to justify the time you’re spending managing your Facebook business page – enjoy!

4 reasons your business is on Facebook

1. To grow brand awareness

You know all that time you spend creating engaging Facebook posts?

Well – the good news is that those posts are getting liked, commented on and shared by real people.

And every time someone likes, comments on, or shares one of your Facebook posts, they’re helping your business get noticed by other people on Facebook.

Pro-tip: You can help your Facebook posts be seen by even more people by boosting your posts, and you can even target the types of people you’d like to see your posts. For example, a jewellery store might target Females in Tauranga between 18 and 35 years of age who are engaged (yes, it’s scary what Facebook knows).

2. To engage with your customers

Half of NZ spend time on Facebook every day (about one hour to be precise), and that makes Facebook the perfect place to stay in touch with them.

And being on Facebook gives your customers another way to interact with you – for example, some customers might choose to contact you via your Facebook page rather than by emailing or picking up the phone (phone calls are so 2014…)

Long story short, you simply can’t rely on your customers to look up your website or visit your store, so being on Facebook puts you in front of them every day – making you easily contactable.

3. To increase the number of visitors to your website

Every interaction you have on Facebook is a potential visit to your website.

The more engaging your Facebook posts are, the more people you’ll reach on Facebook – and that will result in more traffic to your website. And if your website is doing its job, it will convert a percentage of those visits into sales, enquiries or other pre-sales activities (and this is called your website’s conversion rate).

4. Because you’re expected to be there

Are your competitors are on Facebook? Because your customers, and future customers are.

That’s right, there are 2.6 million Facebook users in New Zealand – and 70,000 Facebook-ers in Tauranga alone. In fact, if Facebook were a country, it’d be the biggest country in the world. And remember, Facebook users spend an average of an hour (at least) on Facebook each day.

With those kind of stats, there’s no denying that Facebook has a massive influence over people (customers) in NZ.

And for bonus points – being on Facebook shows you’re a forward-thinking business who’s up with the play when it comes to social media and marketing (go you!)

Hold on: What about sales?

The biggest mistake any business can make with Facebook is to treat it solely as a sales or advertising channel.

Using Facebook to push product 24/7 is a fast way to ensure that less people see your posts, and it’ll mean you’ll have to pay more and more to get noticed over time. Learn more about why less of your fans are seeing your updates.

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