We live in your world: How I would change ANZ’s current marketing campaign

I don’t like to criticize but I just can’t help myself this time.

I’ll justify my actions by recommending changes to ANZ’s campaign. Here’s a link to the campaign in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Let’s start with the slogan, “we live in your world”

This phrase creates an ‘us and them’ comparison which I believe is the opposite of what ANZ is wanting to portray. WE (ANZ) live in YOUR world. It’s polarising. It’s just so false that it’s laughable – even Tui thought so with their recent billboard “My bank manager lives in my world – yeah right”.

What about “We live in the same world” as an alternative?

Why is there an American feel to the advert?

Simon Baker (from the Mentalist) is in fact an Australian but I suspect many viewers don’t know this. Perhaps Simon was chosen because he looks almost identical to Peter Baker from Home and Away.

Bingo, you’re plugged into anything, anywhere in the region you wanna be.

This is a quote from the commercial. What does this mean? I think ANZ are trying to tell customers about mobile internet banking. I think they should say “Now you can bank anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone”.

What do you think of ANZ’s campaign? Am I being unreasonable with my criticism?

Tell me if I’m being too harsh or let me know what other campaigns you think miss the mark (or hit the mark bang on!)

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