Warm or cold?

A couple of weeks ago Likeable Nick decided he wanted to get fit.

Then he suggested all of us at Likeable should get fit.


Anyway, Nick joined Health Quarters here in Tauranga. Like Nick, a few of us were already familiar with Diego and the style of fitness he does at Health Quarters. So for us, it was an easy decision.

Did we want to get fit too? Yes.

OK, sign us up.

But for those of us that didn’t know anything about Health Quarters, there were a lot of questions. Where is it? What sort of fitness do they do? Is it going to be full of gym junkies?

It wasn’t until those questions were answered, that a decision could be made about signing up.

And there we have a perfect example of a cold audience vs a warm audience.

The cold audience needs to learn and grow their understanding. They need to build trust. The warm audience just needs a gentle push.

Do you think about your social media marketing that way?

You should.

The type of content you target to a warm audience will be different to that of a cold audience. Your objectives may be different too. Whether purely about engagement (to build trust), a direct call to action (to create a lead), or other.

The power of Facebook is that you can identify and set up your audiences with ease (once you know what you’re doing). Then it’s a matter of creating content and/or setting up advertising campaigns to target your audiences — warm, cold or otherwise.

If you want to find out more about Facebook audiences, we should talk.

And here’s to getting fit!

~ Likeable Kat

PS: If you’re a regular reader of our blogs you’ll know that Likable Sophie doesn’t need to get fit. She’s already super fit, and has a sweet fitness routine at Beyond Fitness. She just smiles at our efforts. But just you wait Sophie…

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