Wants and needs

Wondering where to advertise online?

The answer depends on whether you sell a want or a need.

For example, if you sell something that people know they need, then Google Adwords is a good place to start.

Think car tyres, storage sheds and plumbing.

Consumers know they need these things, they search when they do, and if they click on your adwords advert, they’re probably ready to make a purchasing decision.

But on the other hand, if you sell something that people want, then Facebook advertising would be where I’d begin.

Think designer clothes, craft beer and package holidays.

Consumers are less likely to search for these things, so you need to get in front of them instead – hence advertising on Facebook.

But *spoiler alert*, this want / need approach above is only a starting point. Because unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple.

The line between wants and needs is blurry at best, and it also varies by consumer. For instance, when do clothes (a need) become designer clothes (a want)?

And your ability to succeed depends on what you’re prepared to spend to acquire a customer. No point spending $100 on ads to make a $50 sale of course.

As you can see, there’s a bit to consider. So if you’re keen on advertising online, but you don’t want to spend hours learning this stuff yourself, let’s meet.

~ Dan

ps – cue witty remark about labour weekend being a national holiday.


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