The Rugby World Cup – it’s in the palm of your hands ?

First, let’s take a moment to breathe. In, and out. And in, and out.

Rugby World Cup mania is about to strike and you need to muster all your strength for the excitement ahead (or, if you’re not a rugby fan, to weather the media onslaught that is inevitably on its way).

International rugby broke free from the field and into Kiwi homes 47 years ago, with New Zealand’s first live telecast – the third test between the All Blacks and the Wallabies at Eden Park on September 16, 1972 (we won 38-3, in case you’re wondering). And now, almost half a century later, it’s in the palm of our hands.

The internet, and portable devices such as smartphones, have put us right on the sidelines, no matter where we are in the world. As we head into the Rugby World Cup 2019, here are our…

Top 6 online tools for taking it mobile:

Spark Sport

OK, so there’s been some criticism and speculation that it might not live up to expectations. But we’re taking an optimistic view here. Because, all being well, how amazing to be able to live stream matches via your phone, laptop or Smart TV? Sign up to the app at for a one-off Rugby World Cup fee, or buy single games. Knock yourself out!

Rugby World Cup Facebook

If you’re not one of the 4.2 million people who follow this page, then give yourself a yellow card. From historic rugby moments and interviews with key players to England’s Jo Marler literally lifting a young Japanese fan off his feet, it’s got everything you need to know (and didn’t know you needed to know) and more. I mean, who doesn’t get goosebumps listening to this inflight entertainment by the Tongan team (that lady in the blue shirt’s face though ?).

The Official RWC 2019 App

If you want to cut straight to the chase without all the ‘fan’ fare and silky smooth serenading of the Tongan rugby team, then the Official RWC 2019 App is for you. Available on both Apple and Android, it will keep you up to date with all the latest news on your favourite teams and fixtures. It also has a RWC Greatest Moments archive, International Trophy Tour and fun games. Choose your favourite team and away you go …


Want to be part of the action? Memorise this hashtag. At the end of each round of the Rugby World Cup, DHL will launch a public vote on Twitter and to decide the ‘most epic moment’. You can cast your vote by logging on and letting DHL know which skill or breathtaking moment you consider to be ‘epic’.

Tournament Bracket Game

Consider yourself to be an armchair expert? The Tournament Bracket (available on mobile via the Official RWC 2019 App) is a tool that helps you predict who the champions will be. By choosing first and second placings from each pool, and then winners from the quarter-finals and semi-finals, you will be left with your top two – then select your winner, if you dare.

RWC 2019 Predictor

Put your money where your mouth is and play this new tournament game, where you log in and play on a per match basis, competing with fans around the world. OK, so you don’t actually have to part with any money (it’s free to enter) but there are some great prizes up for grabs, including a home cinema, Macbook, signed French jerseys and rugby balls.

Oh, and you might want to download a good meditation app like Headspace. Just in case you forget to breathe.

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