The best and worst COVID-19 social media trends

COVID-19. A word that was once unbeknown to us and is now ruling our lives, literally. With it has come some pretty drastic changes. The biggest one being our need to stay at home for the foreseeable future.

As you may know, humans have the attention span of a goldfish. So when you pair that with an inability to leave the house and socialise, you get some pretty funny results.

So for this week’s blog we are here to entertain you (and educate you) about some of the best and worst trends on social media right now. Let’s start first with the BEST:

Home Workouts

One of the coolest things that has come out of quarantine is the sheer accessibility we now have to exercise at home. Even people who despise exercise are giving it a go because, let’s be honest, what else do they have to do with their time?
From Chris Hemsworth making his fitness app ’Centr’ free, to fitness studios and gyms offering live online workouts, there is a huge community of people on social media banding together to make fitness easy and fun at home. Who knows maybe the world will be much fitter than when it entered quarantine? Or maybe we will all just look like this…*Inserts funny meme of seal doing sit ups*


Now, we did mention that you needed to be on this platform a few months ago, even before all of this went down, but if you’re not on it yet, YOU NEED TO BE. From funny challenges to comic sketches, uplifting stories and even upskilling videos, TikTok is the place to turn to right now for a quick slice of entertainment or education.

Some of the best trends we have seen so far have been:

#PewPewPew –
#Wowyoucanreallydance –
#Celebratedoctors –
#Boredinthehouse –
#Sidehustle –

Supporting Small Businesses

I think we have always known how important it is to shop local and support small businesses. However, this situation we are all in has really highlighted it and it’s amazing to see how people are stepping up and supporting these small businesses during this time. Some of the cool things we have spotted are:

Instagram Story Templates – From ‘who inspires me’ to ‘small business shout-outs’ templates where people can mention their favourite small businesses in their stories, there has been an overwhelming amount of support and community on Instagram lately.

Facebook Communities – In community boards people are posting their business handles and asking people for support. Whether it’s buying their locally-made honey, face masks or handmade clothing. Fundraising pages have also been created in support of small enterprises in certain areas.

Free Online Resources – Many awesome companies who provide online learning have made their services free for the month of April to encourage people to work on their skills and come out of this quarantine stronger. This is a great way to give back and is a perfect opportunity for those who have unfortunately lost their jobs and are uncertain about what their next step should be.

The Good News Movement

With a lot of negativity and scaremongering going on at the moment, watching the news can be a pretty distressing act. That’s why some people have taken it upon themselves to spread the positive things going on in the world that aren’t highlighted on the normal news channels. These heartwarming stories hit you right in the feels, may make you shed a few tears and definitely give you faith back in humanity.

Some of our favourite channels to follow right now are:

Instagram – Tank’s good news, goodnews_movement, somegoodnews and thedailyst_goodnews
Facebook – Good News Network
Youtube – Some Good News with John Krasinski

Now let’s pivot and talk about a couple of the WORST, or should we say hilarious and downright weird, trends circling the interweb:

Instagram Challenges

If you’re not on Instagram, then you may not understand this section. BUT if you are, you have probably seen a bunch of your friends being challenged by others to do some pretty weird stuff. Just today we have seen a challenge whereby you have to put a jandal on your foot as you’re lying down and try to stand up without dropping it, the 10 pushup challenge and a challenge that involves drinking a strange concoction that shouldn’t even be legal…It’s safe to say people are getting inventive when it comes to challenging their friends at home.

The ‘Until Tomorrow’ Instagram Train

Now this one stumped us for a bit. Earlier this week Likeable Polly hopped onto Instagram just to see what was going down. She was met with a bunch of funny, strange and some quite disturbing pictures of her friends with the mysterious caption ‘until tomorrow’.

‘What does this mean’ she thought, ‘why are they all doing this?’ And then she made the mistake of clicking ‘like’ on one of her friends’ pictures. She received a DM from her friend that sounded much like a chain mail threat from back in the naughties telling her she had to put up a bad picture of herself and leave it up for 24 hours or else…

And there you have it. The latest COVID-19 social media trends. Which one are you going to get involved in?

Ps – If you’re wondering how or if your business can still show up on social media, get in touch, we are here to help you through this!

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