4 reasons to stalk your customers on Facebook

But first: What exactly is Facebook stalking? Facebook stalking is about finding and connecting with your customers on Facebook. And the great news is that there’s no lurking behind bushes (unless you’re doing it wrong!) How to stalk your customers on Facebook properly: Get a list of all of your customers handy (excel is best) […]

How to get more Facebook ‘Likes’ by commenting as your business page

Are you trying to get more ‘likes’ for your Facebook page? Here’s my favourite way way to slowly gain more Facebook likes for your business. Watch video (2 mins). [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK9Pt7kmHN4[/youtube] Thanks for watching, here’s a summary of the video Switch to using Facebook as your business page Find another Facebook page’s post that you are interested in […]