4 reasons to stalk your customers on Facebook

But first: What exactly is Facebook stalking?

Facebook stalking is about finding and connecting with your customers on Facebook.

And the great news is that there’s no lurking behind bushes (unless you’re doing it wrong!)

How to stalk your customers on Facebook properly:

  1. Get a list of all of your customers handy (excel is best)
  2. Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable
  3. Facebook search, find and like all of your customers ‘as your page‘ (see below)

Liking ‘as your page’ is the critical step

Most businesses miss this part, so just to be clear:

  • It’s not as simple as clicking the normal ‘Like’ button (this likes the page as your personal profile instead)
  • You must click the drop down and select ‘Like as your page’

Note: The type of stalking described above only works for ‘business to business’ organisations.

Why should I bother stalking my customers like this?

Well, here are 4 reasons:

  1. It reminds your customer that your business actually exists
  2. It’s a small way of showing that you support them and their business
  3. It shows them that you’re up with the play (using Facebook for your business)
  4. It prompts them to ‘like’ you back

And if your customers are using Facebook well, you could use your customers success to help grow the following of your own Facebook page, see my video:

Video: How to get more Facebook ‘Likes’ by commenting as your business page.

Would you like help with your Facebook page?

I might be able to help, send me an email ( or call me on 07 394 4407.

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