How to evaluate your business idea

2 weeks ago I came up with a business idea. I had been thinking a lot about coffee. More specifically, I’d been thinking about my love for it, how finding a good one is awesome and how receiving a bad one sucks! Then the idea hit me. I know, I’ll make a mobile app where […]

5 reasons why you should start a business in Tauranga

This article is based on a recent presentation by Brett Roberts, CEO of Wharf 42.  Tauranga has been called many things. It’s been called ‘god’s waiting room’ thanks to it’s older population. It’s also been referred to as ‘$10 Tauranga’, a reflection of the low wage rate. But dispite the criticism, there’s something you might […]

Why my second business failed

This is a follow on from my earlier article, why my first business failed. In a nutshell, my first business failed because: I was too slow to get a working product to market. I was not receptive enough to feedback (and I was over committed). About my second business My friend Rory had developed a mobile […]