How to find more work by taking a holiday

Are you self-employed and looking for more work? Try telling your clients that you’re going on holiday. It might sound crazy, but announcing that you’re going to be away, and that you can’t do work can actually bring you more business. Two benefits of telling your clients that you’re going on holiday; It’s a great […]

My Top 4 Marketing Tips for Tradespeople

Do you spend all day on the tools? Typically tradespeople are really good at their trade, but they often struggle when it comes to marketing their business and acquiring new customers. Here are 4 low-cost marketing ideas for tradespeople that are easy to implement. Always give 2 business cards to every customer – one for them […]

How to evaluate your business idea

2 weeks ago I came up with a business idea. I had been thinking a lot about coffee. More specifically, I’d been thinking about my love for it, how finding a good one is awesome and how receiving a bad one sucks! Then the idea hit me. I know, I’ll make a mobile app where […]