How to find more work by taking a holiday

Are you self-employed and looking for more work?

Try telling your clients that you’re going on holiday.

It might sound crazy, but announcing that you’re going to be away, and that you can’t do work can actually bring you more business.

Two benefits of telling your clients that you’re going on holiday;

  1. It’s a great excuse to get in touch and remind your clients that you actually exist (it’s worth it, just for this)
  2. More importantly, it encourages your client to ask themselves the following;
    • Do I have anything to do which might require this persons help?
    • If yes, does this work have a deadline that might be impacted by this person being away?

How it works

Limiting your availability (and announcing the fact) brings the concept of scarcity into play, where customers are concerned that they won’t be able to acquire something they want/need (your help) if they don’t act quickly (before your holiday).

Two more things

  • I’m not saying you should take a pretend holiday, but I am suggesting you let your clients know if you have a break from work planned.
  • This concept came from a clever marketing man here in Tauranga, although I can’t recall who! Please come forward if I’ve stolen your idea (I’ll give you recognition)

Happy Holidays…

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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