Why getting the ‘temperature’ right for your audience is key

If you work in an office you will be familiar with ‘The Battle of the Thermostat’. There’s always that one person who wears shorts all year round. And their polar opposite who keeps a woolly jumper on standby at all times, even in the summer. ? Not wanting to turn this into a battle of […]

4 Tips For Instagram Marketing Success

New to Instagram? Read my introduction to Instagram article first. On my hand: 4 Instagram marketing tips For this article I interviewed Shaye Woolford from On My Hand in Tauranga. Shaye has over 1700 followers on Instagram – below are her top 4 tips for Instagram marketing success. 1. Produce art. Take beautiful photos that don’t need a […]

Instagram 36 Times More Popular Than Twitter For ZM’s Latest Hashtag Campaign

Hashtag marketing is hitting the mainstream. If you listen to ZM on the radio, then you’ll know they’re giving away $1000 to someone who uses the hashtag ‘#zmsummer’ on Instagram or Twitter. When I first heard about the competition, I jumped onto Twitter and Instagram to see what all the fuss was about – and what I […]