Social media phobia (it’s a thing)

I have a friend (yay for me).

She’s awesome. She’s outgoing, incredibly caring, always thinking about others before herself and is an all-round good egg.
She pretty much excels at most things in life but there’s one thing she can’t get to grips with. In fact, I’m pretty sure she has a phobia about it. Want to know what it is?

Posting content on social media for her work.

That’s right. She gets so stressed out about what to post, she ends up posting nothing at all.

And to be honest, she’s not the only one. We come across it all the time. People are…

– Nervous that the post won’t get any likes
– Scared about being judged on the content
– Worried about not promoting the right thing
– Stressed about grammar issues or typos
– It’s these worries that hinder business’s social media platforms because the page is being left high and dry.

So what can you do about it?

See if any of these help:

Be real
People like authentic, real content. If you believe in what you’re promoting then that will show through on the post.
People like seeing people. Think about ditching the unengaging logo and go with posts that show real people, doing real things.

Throw ideas around
Two heads are better than one, right? Voice your ideas with someone else. They’ll be a good sounding board and give you another
perspective. And once you’ve come up with the post get them to read over it to make sure it reads well with no typos.

Keep it simple
People have less patience for wordy captions. Keep your caption short and sweet (although that rule can be broken at times). Short and sweet also means less chance of grammar fails.

Use apps
If you’re having trouble with certain aspects of your content, there are heaps of apps around to help. Here’re are a couple we use on a daily basis:

Grammarly – It’s a simple download that highlights spelling and grammar issues in all of your online text and captions.
Canva is an easy to use application that lets you create custom content with pre-sized templates for all social media platforms.
Final top tips…

Always have your target audience in mind when you’re thinking of ideas then make the post relate and engage them. And before you post it — proofread it. At least twice. Social media is meant to be fun. People are on it to discover, learn, and be motivated, so give it a go. And if you’re still a bit scared just yell out and we can help.

– Likeable Sophie

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