Social Media: Make sure you give and receive

Tis the season for giving.

But are you guilty of giving too much on social media?

These days many businesses are putting out great social content. But one thing we’ve noticed is that many companies are ONLY putting content out there…

They are in give, give, give mode.

This is good from the point of view that these businesses are providing informative, helpful, entertaining information that resonates with their customers. But they are seldom asking for anything in return. And this can be a problem, especially if the ultimate end game is a sale.


Firstly, if you’ve given quality content and a great customer experience to your social media audience, they’re often willing to take the next step in the relationship but not proactive.

And secondly, when someone is engaged with your content online, their brain becomes more suggestible. People tend to be more trusting of what’s written in black and white on a web page than they are of what a cold-calling salesperson might say, for example. People are much more likely to buy from those who educate them and nurture their trust.

This means that as you give, you should feel free to occasionally ask for something in return.

Encourage your customers to take a small step with you. Share their opinion. Ask a question. Join your database. You could ask a customer to “reply below” or to “press the buy now button”. Or maybe attend some training or get a discounted trial of your product or service. The offers are endless. If we, as businesses don’t ask the prospect to take action, they won’t take action… It’s that simple.

The truth of the matter is, sometimes people will act on what you’ve offered… and sometimes they won’t. But unless you ask the question and offer them the opportunity, the answer will always be “No”.

But when you ask, maybe, just maybe, it might be “Yes!”

So let me ask you. Do you need any help with your social media marketing? If so, we offer a free, no obligation introductory chat. Just hit contact us and we’ll be in touch.

~ Likeable Paul

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