The sleazy salesperson

Do you like being sold to?

If you ask me, there’s nothing worse than dealing with pushy salespeople.

And that’s why sales can be a dirty word.

Heck – even people who do sales, don’t have the word sales in their job title.

Shop assistant
Insurance broker
Real estate agent
Business development manager

So when it comes to online sales, and business websites, there’s something I can’t get my head around.

I can’t understand why so many businesses use generic email addresses.

I get that there may be multiple people checking the one email account, but technology can take care of that now. It’s 2016.

As humans, we react poorly to pushy, sleazy salesmen – so having a sales@ email address is like placing an pushy, sleazy salesperson at the front door of your business. No good.

Better to use something authentic, like a persons name.

This article inspired by Zero to One.

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Let's make some cool sh*t

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