Revealed: The anatomy of a blog article

Struggling to turn your ideas into concise, compelling blog articles?

If so, I’ll let you in on a secret…

The best blogs have 6 components.

You could think of these components as body parts – each one adding value to the whole by performing a specific, necessary function.

So if you want your blog articles to live and breathe they should include each of the following… (let’s dissect!)

The anatomy of a blog article

1. Headline:

Your headline must sell the article to your reader and get them to the next line of your article – if you’re reading this, it’s probably because my headline did its job.

For bonus points include keywords if you can, but you must remember to write for your reader first – Google comes second.

2. Declare the problem:

The goal here is to get your reader nodding their head in agreement.

Most of the time, people will come to your blog looking for solutions to a problem; show that you understand their problem and they’ll want to know about your solution. Which leads to…

3. Provide the solution:

Tell your reader how you can help them, or what they can do to help themselves.

This can be advice, tips or tricks on how to overcome the problem already described.

4. Explain the details:

Here’s where you get into the specifics of the solution.

You shouldn’t normally include technical jargon (see avoiding the curse of knowledge) but if it’s required this is where it goes.

Remember that putting details in too early is one of the big ‘fails’ of article writing – get your readers to the solution before bringing them out.

5. Providing proof, credibility or trust:

Let your reader to trust you by providing evidence that your solution actually works.

This could be a testimonial from a customer, a statistic or a link to someone else who’s got something to say on the subject.

6. Call to action or next step:

Your reader wants to know what to do next, so give them a positive action to take.

They could request an info pack, read another article, subscribe to a blog – the options are almost limitless, but whatever you do, don’t leave them hanging!


And that’s your blueprint for writing anatomically correct blog articles that will take on a life of their own. What do you think?

Have I missed anything? Leave a comment below to share your view.

ps – This article inspired by Dane Maxwell’s work: See how to sell the crap out of great products and services.

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