Rant: Why you shouldn’t finish your website

Trying to finish your website?

If so, you’re chasing the wrong goal.

Because your website will never be finished…

Digital marketing has changed. Has your website?

10 years ago, finishing a website was possible, simply because having a website was the standard. Many of your competitors weren’t online, so just being there was a pretty big deal.

But the world (and consumers) have moved on.

Nowadays, having a website is the starting line in terms of digital marketing – and that’s a challenge and an opportunity for most businesses…

The website challenge

The challenge is that we need to stop thinking about websites as projects, and start thinking about them as practice

  • Instead of building a new website every 3 years, improve it every month
  • Instead of sending an email newsletter adhoc, have a schedule and stick to it
  • Instead of forgetting about your blog, put someone in charge and give them the tools +  authority to make it happen

The website opportunity

And the opportunity for you is that most businesses find this too hard:

  • Adding a new product/service to a website takes time and energy
  • Writing regular blog articles takes commitment
  • Sending a monthly e-newsletter is the first thing to stop when things get busy

Your website will never be finished.

If you can’t fit these activities into business-as-usual, you’re not serious about competing in the online space for your chosen industry or niche.

And that’s ok, as long as it’s a conscious decision – and not a misconception about how digital marketing works nowadays.

So is your website a project? Or is it part of your business practice?

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

ps – Rant over! 🙂

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