Pro-tip: How to share links on Facebook with Bitly

How do you link to a website on Facebook?

If you’re like most people, you simply copy and paste the link (url) at the end of your Facebook post, and the result looks something like this:

Example - Long urls look ugly on Facebook

But the problem with the link above is that it’s…

  • Long (the example above is so long it needs it’s own line)
  • Ugly (it’s not exactly pretty is it?)
  • And it’s hard to measure (unless you’re familiar with Facebook insights)

So if you’re looking for a better, simpler way, then this article is for you.

Tired of ugly links? You need Bitly!

Bitly is a free service that takes your ugly, long links and turns them into short, tidy, measurable links.

And you don’t need to be computer whizz to use it.

How to use Bitly when sharing a link on Facebook

  1. Copy the long link (url) that you’d like to use in your Facebook update
  2. Go to and paste your long url at the top
  3. Copy the new short url (that Bitly has just created for you)
  4. Copy and paste this new short url at the end of your Facebook update (that’s it!)

Here’s an example of the BOP times using a Bitly link in a Facebook update:

Example - BOP Times Bitly Usage

The benefits of Bitly:

  • It’s short and tidy (helping your readers focus on your message rather than the link)
  • You can track the number of clicks (Bitly keeps a record for you)

So there you have it.No more ugly links. The internet just became a better place!

Extra homework (optional)

Below is a Bitly link that I used for a client earlier this year which has had plenty of clicks. It’s a 6-second video of a spider infestation on Vine (not for the squeamish!)

Now, aside from getting ready to see spiders, take a look in your web browser at the top of your screen to see how the Bitly link changes to become a different link (url) after you click it.

Bitly link to spiders on Vine

Questions about links on Facebook? Leave a comment below or contact us.

Cheers, Dan

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